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At the beach life is...

Going to the Oregon and Washington coast is truly one of our favorite things to do. We try to get over there a couple of times a year. Sometimes we take the kids, sometimes we take the RV and the dog, sometimes just the two of us sneak over there. Funny thing, I have never lived near the ocean, but every single time we go, I feel like I am going home.

There is something very calming about being near the water, walking along the beach and letting Gracie chase rocks and play in the sand

On our first trip to the coast with the kids it would turn out to be an especially poignant trip. It was the last trip we would take with our son Ryan before he passed away.

I made some rules for the kids though! Yes, they are adults, but sometimes you just must make rules. Okay really, I just made one rule; No Expectations! This would be my daughter-in-law’s first trip to see the ocean and she is a romantic at heart. I knew she had visions of her and my son running toward one another on the beach into a sweet embrace. Oh yes, I am not exaggerating at all.

You see however, I know my family. There is nothing normal or romantic or…normal about them.

I said take each day as it comes, each of you do what you want to do. Go to the tide pools, go for a walk on the beach, read, watch TV, go for a drive, go to town and shop, go eat, do everything or do nothing. Remember, No Expectations, just enjoy your days.

So, when I made this card I had to giggle a bit because it is truly a romanticized version of reality. At least in my family. Two dear friends walking down the beach, in dresses no less, just enjoying a stroll.

I saw similar card on Pinterest but wanted to add my own touches to it. I used the Beautiful You stamp set which is one of my all-time favorites. I also used the new Mosaic Specialty Designer Series Paper (out of the box thinking there for sure) and High Tide stamp set for the water and grass.

Sometimes you just need to walk on the beach with a friend.

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