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Boho meet Collage

A friend and I have a saying when we are creating cards: "just step away from the card".

We both have a tendency to just keep layering and creating. If I'm honest, I really have a hard time with keeping it simple and "stepping away". I love the look of layered cards.

I want you to be able to create a card that looks like it took forever when in all honesty it was very simple to create. Sometimes we can be really intimidated by a card that looks like it has lots of layers and we aren't quite sure where to start.

And as you can tell this card has lots of layers and looks like it was a lot of work. Guess what, it really isn't, it is simple. Yes it takes a bit of time but it is very simple to make. Featuring some fun easy techniques and strategically placing stamped images where I wanted them is how this card was created.

I used the Boho Indigo Product Medley from Stampin' Up! and my color coach that I created to help me design with confidence.

Use the link below the photo to place your order for the Boho Indigo Product Medley and any other products you might need. As my gift to you for placing your order you will receive a set of 5 tutorials (including the card in the photo) to help you create your own cards.

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