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Celebrate Your Graduate

This has got to go down as on of the most unusual graduation years in our history. Maybe not the history of the United States, but most certainly in my lifetime and I daresay yours as well.

I personally know quite a few kids who graduate this year; kids I go to church with, a couple of nieces and a couple of neighbors. I feel for these kids. Some of them were really looking forward to all of the final things of their senior year and they were cut short.

"Dad, was the really my last tennis match", "So we don't get to have senior prom", "I don't get to have my yearbook signed" "Do I really NOT get to have a commencement", "Was the last time I saw my friends, the last time I will see them". These are all questions I have heard asked. And to be honest our best answer it that we just don't know.

But in all likely hood it is very possible that the answer is "yes". A lot of students were really looking forward to these things and now these things will not happen.

I think it is important for us to be sensitive to them and their feelings and try to help them sort it out. But I also think now is a great opportunity to give them special moments as well. Here are a couple of ideas I have heard and I like them.

When they get the all clear:

Rent a Venue for a senior prom. There are many event centers that might be more than willing to work out pricing and ticket sales to give these kids their senior prom.

Set up a Yearbook Signing party at their school football stadium and possibly host a big senior party.

Schedule unique senior photo shoots that will be a fun reminder of this time.

Send out special Graduation Announcements.

I designed this announcement for a very special young lady who wanted something that is uniquely her. She said that since this is a unique situation she didn't want the typical cookie cutter announcement the school offered. She chose the stamp sets as well as the layout and colors. All of her information will be printed and placed inside the card.

I used the Highland Heather Classic ink twice. The mountains in the far background (I stamped off one time for a lighter color). I also used a retired embossing folder because she chose it. But a great option is the one listed in the supply list below.

The card base features her school colors.

I think it would also make a very nice graduation card to send out. Just change the card base color to one that suits the recipient.

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