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Fishing is for Girls

I have a beautiful, smart, sassy, gun toting granddaughter. Emma is my grandson’s wife, but I promise you, if you knew her like I do, you would claim her as your own.

She can out weld just about anybody I know. She loves to stamp and craft, camp, fish and hunt.

I love when she comes over to my house to create cards. She has such a great style that is all her own and comes up with some beautiful cards and color combinations that I would have never thought of.

She is such an encouraging person and is always telling the ladies that come to my stamping events, “you are a strong independent woman and you can do anything”. When she leaves my house she always hugs me and she tells me, “I love your face, make good choices and don’t do drugs”. Good advice.

When I designed this card, I had Emma in mind. I wanted it to be as beautiful and unique as she is. This world does most definitely need more people like her.

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