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Follow Your Heart...But take Your Brain With You!!!

How many times have I heard people say just go with your heart. Follow your heart it won't steer you wrong.

Yikes, that is such a false statement. Our hearts are so wishy-washy and emotionally led.

So I think...Follow your heart but take your brain with you, makes so much more sense. When I saw this quote, I was saying; yes, yes a thousand times yes!

As a pastor's wife I have witnessed too many times people following their hearts without giving a second single thought to it. Oh my and then I have seen the fallout and aftermath of those bad choices.

Yes, follow your heart with wisdom and it will take you to incredible places.

This card was inspired by a fellow stamper. I changed colors and some of the design.

It is a very simple card to make and so elegant when finished. I do hope you will give it a try.

When you place and order with me you will receive the tutorial to make this card as my gift to you.

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