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Genteel Ladies

My Great-Aunt Ruth was most certainly the most elegant genteel lady I have ever met in my life. She grew up as a child of pioneering parents who homesteaded the wilds of Wyoming. She experienced the hardships of life first hand. I have pictures of the family standing outside of their pioneer cabin in Wyoming to prove it.

I remember visiting her on several occasions while growing up and was always so taken with her elegant home and gentle ways. She was such a delicate yet strong woman.

Her home was filled with elegant furnishings and beautiful fine china that she used often. She told me there was no point in having pretty dishes if you weren’t going to use them. She made company feel special because she took the time to add the special touches like fine china, cloth napkins and gorgeous center pieces. And yet she had such a fun and playful side to her as well. Fine china and milk shakes in paper cups from Baskin Robbins come to my memory when we had lunch with her one time.

Ruth lived to be 105 years old and was as elegant and gracious in her last years as she was in her early years.

I designed this card with my sweet aunt in mind. It is so simple and yet very elegant. The white on white is such a classy look and the embossing just adds a “wow” to it.

Genteel Ladies


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1 Comment

Apr 03, 2019

This card is soooo beautiful! This is a stamp set I’ll be getting!

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