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Heartwarming Memories

This little snowman makes my heart smile and heck it makes my face smile too!!

When you live in a place where snow is a certainty of life for five or even six months of your life you either embrace it or you don't. We choose to embrace it.

We snowshoe and get lots of sun to chase those winter blahs away.

And we build know when we get the magical snowman snow. You should see some of the snowmen we have built. One year while spending time at a cabin in the mountains we had a huge snowstorm come in and it was magic snowman snow. We built a 7 foot snowman. It took six of us to do it. But we had sooooo much fun. The people who owned the resort told us that he lasted well into spring. We have stopped on our snowmobiles and built snowmen on the side of trails. We have stopped in Yellowstone National Park during magic snow and built a snowman right off the side of the road.

My granddaughter lives for magic snow so she and her grandpa can build snowmen.

This little snowman card makes me happy every time I look at it and I think in any language we see his joy. Oh and a little secret about his is on a wobble spring.

And let's just talk about the card below for a moment if we could. That is one seriously joyful snowman. I love his cute little tree beside him. And the snowflake embellishments...eep, so cute.

You can create this card and the one below so easily.

You can see the supply list link below for the items I used and the items you might need.

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