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I am back to being me...

It's a new year and with a new year people make resolutions, set goals and such. I used to do this only to be discourage by the end of January. I realize that I often times try to change too much. Or I resolve to be something I am not.

Sometimes I get so busy trying to do things the way other people do, I kind of forget to be myself. While I love simple quick to make cards when teaching a class I realized that I really can't say that it reflects my style at all. And to be honest with you I was missing just making cards for fun.

I decided that I really wanted to design some cards that are my style, cards that reflect what I am drawn to. I absolutely love all things; Victorian, Vintage, Steam-Punk and fancy.

This set of cards certainly reflect (scream) my taste and style. And I am not going to lie I had the best day designing them.

Now I realize these cards are very holiday oriented, but that is okay. The holidays were just a few weeks ago!

So my goals for this year:

In my stamping life-I will be doing more of my style this year.

In my personal life- I will be continuing to focus on being fit and healthy.

In my ministry life- I will be others focused.



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