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I see you...

Greetings: a formal expression of goodwill, said on meeting or in a written message.

"warm greetings to you all"

synonyms:best wishes, good wishes, regards, kind/kindest regards, congratulations, compliments, respects, felicitations; remembrances

There all kinds of greetings; sometimes prior to a conversation or maybe greeting someone in passing. Greeting customs are often situation-specific and may change within a culture depending on social status and relationship and they exist in all known human cultures. Greetings are expressed both audibly and physically, a spoken word, a handshake, a hug. Oftentimes greetings are expressed in written communications, such as letters, notes, emails, texts and cards.

Recently I read this article about an African tribe's greeting and it genuinely caused me to take a pause and really consider how important greetings are and sadly; how, many of us do not take the time to greet one another.

Sawubona: (Sowbona) An African Tribe's Beautiful Greeting. The most common greeting in the Zulu tribe is Sawubona. It literally means “I see you, you are important to me and I value you”. It's a way to make the other person visible and to accept them as they are with their virtues, nuances, and flaws.

‘Ngikhona’ means ‘I am here’.

I think we have a responsibility to connect to people, reach out to them. See them.

Jesus saw the needs as he walked through the villages, he saw people. Step back and look around, what or who do you see?

· Do you see that person in the wheelchair that everyone else is ignoring?

· Do you SEE that nonverbal child?

· Do you SEE that special Olympian?

· Do you SEE that person who has Down’s Syndrome?

A person may have special needs, but they are still a person.

· Do you SEE that homeless person?

· Do you SEE that single mom who is struggling to get through it 24/7?

· Do you SEE that person who is struggling with depression?

· Do you SEE that waiter or waitress as a person who just someone who is serving you?

· Do you SEE that clerk as a person or just someone who is supposed to ring you up?

I would like to encourage you to take a moment and really SEE people… Sawubona (Sowbona) I see, you, you are important to me, and I value you.

· Smile

· Look them in the eye (SEE) them

· Say hello

· Engage them

Maybe even send them a greeting card.

The Little Things You Do...

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