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I Want a Weather Vane

I love weather vanes and I want one for the top of my roof. Sadly it turns out that I really cannot justify the expense of one. Maybe I can find one and just display it in one of my flower beds? Hmmm... now I know what I am going to be on the search for.

This card was really fun for me to design because I come from a family of Wyoming ranchers and this just speaks to my soul. Yes, I love the wheat swaying in the wind, I love wagon wheels. I love cattle and horses, haying and harvest. I love tin ceilings and I love the country.

It is hard work and often times a hard life, but as my grandfather and uncle often said, it is a rich and rewarding life.

I think you would enjoy the Country Road stamp set for your card making uses. But beyond that it is a great set for home decor pieces as well as scrapbook pages.

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