• Brenda Paulsen

It's None of My Business...

It’s none of my business what people think about me! One of the most freeing, life-changing things I ever heard in a sermon.

You see I have spent a lot of time concerned worried about what others thought of me. As a pastor’s wife its just going to happen. I am going to be under a microscope and often scrutinized and studied. More than once I have heard these words; “I can’t believe she; said that, did that, tried that…”

Just because I am a pastor’s wife doesn’t mean I don’t sin, fail and slip. I am a human and I am as frail and as messed up as the rest.

What I have learned is that if a person puts me on a pedestal I will be falling off it quickly and none too gracefully. But, I should never have been put there in the first place and I came to understand that I didn’t put myself there.

I am never going to measure up to what other’s expect of me and you know that neither are you. But that is okay. If I guard my character then God will protect my reputation. It is none of my business what other people think of me.

This subject was on my mind when I designed this card. There is a sense of freedom in this gal. I feel there is a quiet confidence in her and she has figured out how to dance and be comfortable in who she is.

Life Dance

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