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It Will Hold Me

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

It will hold me, the famous last words spoken by my father one Easter Sunday just before we got our pickup stuck in the mud in the desert.

Our traditional Easter usually started with searching for eggs, opening an Easter basket, eating a hardy breakfast and then heading out on an adventure. The particular adventure I am thinking of right now is the infamous It Will Hold Me Easter.

We headed out to the desert to rock hunt and basically enjoy being out and about after a long winter. It was a very blustery day, cloudy, windy and kind of chilly. My parents let us take our Easter candy with us which turned out to be a good thing. We packed a lunch and took a few blankets. I am not sure why we took the blankets because we didn’t usually do that. My brother and I were a little concerned that we wouldn’t get home in time to see Here Come’s Peter Cottontail on tv that night. But Mom and Dad promised we would be home in plenty of time.

We had been tooling around on the dirt roads for the better part of the afternoon, when we came upon what looked like a muddy spot and Dad and Mom were discussing whether we should back up or go on ahead. Dad got out and walked ahead, jumped up and down and came back to the truck. As he got back in he uttered the statement that would go down in family history as one of “those” statements. “It will hold me”, he said.

We ended up getting seriously stuck in the mud and I mean seriously stuck. Turns out while the mud seemed to hold Dad, it did not hold the much heavier truck.

Mom made a teepee out of the blankets for my brother and me so that we would have some shelter from the wind and to get us out of the pickup while they worked getting us unstuck.

Six hours later; too much Easter candy and multiple fights in the teepee, and a track made of sage brush my parents got us out of the mud.

It goes without saying that we missed Peter Cottontail and we were pretty disappointed and probably a little sick from the sugar.

This card made me smile at the memory of the It Will Hold Me Easter all those years ago. I will be sending this to my parents with a hand written message that simply says…It Will Hold Me.

Easter Greetings


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