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Keeping Wednesdays Weird

It's a funny thing that happens in our family...we embrace our weirdness. For so many years I struggled with not fitting in, not being in the "popular" crowd. I think many of you can relate.

About two summers ago I decided that being different is okay. God made me and my personality the way He did for His purposes, and I need to embrace who I am, not who everyone else is.

I was going through some photos because I thought it would be fun to share Wednesday weirdness. I mentioned to my husband that I wasn't sure if I had enough photos to do this for any length of time. He handed me his phone!!! I will tell you there are plenty, yes plenty of pictures to keep it going.

I would like to tell you that the weirdness runs through our family, or it ran over us?

So today I share with you absolutely nothing about card making. You all know I do that. This is about my family and the fun we have just being us.

Today I went to make a sandwich and my 23-year-old granddaughter had replenished the paper plates. I am not going to lie, I laughed so hard. She literally made my day better by embracing the weird.

And yes, I did use one for my lunch!!!

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