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M is For the Many Things

M is for the many things. I laugh every time I hear this statement because my best friend used to call her mom on Mother’s Day and sing her a very unique Mother’s Day song.

M is for the many things you gave me O is for the other things you gave me T is for the things that you gave me H is for having the things you gave me E is for everything you gave me R is for the rest of the things you gave me.

Put them all together and it spells Mother, the name that gives the world to me.

It makes me laugh because it got to the point where her mom would almost, almost not pick up the phone. But then she always did because it became kind of a tradition.

Moms are special because for many of us they sacrificed a lot for us. Mom needed shoes, we got pants. Mom needed a new jacket, we got the shoes. Mom needed a new underthings, we got glasses. So many times my mom put our needs above her own. She went without so that we wouldn’t have to. This is why she will get a special handmade artisan card because she deserves it.

Mother's Are Special

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