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Mom, will you take me fishing?

My youngest son decided he wanted to try fishing when he was about eight years old. I don't fish, my husband does not fish (he grew up with a fishing fanatic), none of the other boys fish.

Yikes, I didn't know the first thing about fishing, other than I like to eat the fishys.

But being a mom who wanted to support his interest; I took him out and bought him a fishing license, fishing gear and did a bunch of research. Keep in mind this was well before, "just Google it" was an option. I actually had to talk to real people and get real advice, suggestions and knowledge.

Off we headed to the "best" fishing holes around. I did learn a few things...I learned that I had to teach him how to bait a hook with a night crawler. EWWW! Turns out I survived...barely.

I also learned that you can stand/sit there on the bank of said "best" fishing hole for what seemed like well, the rest of my life. I also learned that you can stop at "this stream looks okay" and catch fish as fast as you can cast your line.

Oh yes, I learned a lot of things about fishing. The best thing I learned though is that we were creating memories and moments that we could look back on with great fondness.

I am so glad that my answer to "Mom, will you take me fishing" was "yes, yes, I will take you fishing".

This card was designed with those memories in mind. I love that it has a special hidden surprise inside.

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