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One of the Saddest days...

Sometimes life is just really hard and there is no easy way around it. A dear friend just recently lost her baby. Sadly he was born too early.

I needed a baby sympathy card. I looked around and really couldn't find anything I thought was appropriate. And then I realized at my fingertips I have everything I need to design a card and make it appropriate. I was looking for some appropriate words to share. Losing a child is never easy. I know this first hand. But to lose a baby...

So often I hear words like: a parent should never have to lose a child, a baby should never die, the worst thing in the world is to lose a child...and so much more. And while incredibly painful, none of us are exempt from death, no not one of us. I think of third world countries who face death of children every day. I think of when our pioneers ventured to discover the west and whole families died, children died, people died.

In this first world country we live in we have shielded ourselves from the fact that babies die, children die, people die. It is the circle of life.We have also been conditioned to think we should put on a happy face and to not allow ourselves to grieve. This is not only sad but unhealthy. We must grieve and grieve well to heal.

I found this words on a site that has poems and wanted to share it because sometimes it helps us to look into what others feel when dealing with such a tragic loss. I have added the source below.

Death of a loved one is always a cause for mourning. However, when a baby dies, there is a sadness that goes beyond normal grief. We are programmed to expect that the old outlive the young. When a person who has lived a full life passes away, there is a sense that everything is as it should be. When a baby passes, who has not even has the chance to experience life, his death seems meaningless. If he was meant to die so soon why did he even come into the world? Source:

I would like to add that sometimes, often times, we simply do not know what to say when we want so desperately to comfort a friend or loved one in this time of sorrow. Less is more, sorry is best and just letting them know you care and are available is what they generally need. We all grieve differently and in different time frames. Try to be gracious and kind and allow people to grieve. It helps them heal.



So Sorry For Your Loss

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