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Storage Makes My Life Easy

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

I love having a tidy workspace. And I find the best way to keep a tidy workspace is having adequate storage for my different supplies.

One thing I find really frustrating is when I am busy creating a card and cannot find an ink pad I need, or a Stampin' Blend. I find that when I can't find what I need I just don't want to create anything. And I do have a few different storage solutions, but to be really honest they are expensive and I have to wait for special events like Christmas, Mother's Day and my birthday to add to my collection of storage.

So to say that I was excited when Stampin' Up! introduced their new storage solutions.

Your space, your way.

Storage by Stampin’ Up! is designed to store and showcase your Stampin’ Pads, Stampin’ Ink Refills, Stampin’ Blends, Stampin’ Write Markers, Watercolor Pencils, and other accessories. Here are some other features and benefits of Storage by Stampin’ Up!:

Keeps products organized, tidy, visible, and trackable at all times.

Ensures that your Stampin’ Pads, Stampin’ Write Markers, and Stampin’ Blends are all stored horizontally, as recommended.

Designed to be stylish, durable, compact, stackable, and modular.

Blends in naturally with most home decor with its white neutral color.

Stacks vertically and can be arranged to fit practically any flat workspace.

Easily assembled and disassembled for rearrangement and/or cleaning.


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