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These Are the Moments

Sometimes when we are walking through really difficult times it is hard for us to believe that there is anything we will look back on and consider it joy.

Almost 20 years ago we were involved in a terrible car wreck, when semi hit us driving about 80 miles per hour. Thank the good Lord we survived but certainly not unscathed. I won't go into all of the details of our injuries, permanent changes and challenges here. Instead, I would like to share with you how I can look back on those times and look back on some of it with joy.

Joy because:

We survived

God met our every need

We took care of each other

We found strength we didn't know we had

Taking things for granted is a thing of the past

We figured out what was truly important

True friends stuck by us

We discovered who true friends were

Love in action was something we witnessed everyday

Sometimes it is the hard things that reveal many lessons that the easy things don't. So I can honestly say that I can look back with joy because my life is richer in many ways from this experience.

I used a sepia/bleach technique to create these cards. It is a fairly simple technique but takes a little bit of time when you first try it. But the results are so worth the fuss.

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