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To Decorate or Not Decorate...

To Decorate or not decorate that is the big question when it comes to decorating for the holidays.

I was thinking about my mom and dad who are full-time RVrs when I designed these samplers. Thinking about taking up as little space, both storage and display, as possible was my primary goal.

I started with and 8" x 8" shadow box as my measurements. Choosing a shadow box made the most sense as they don't have a lot of wall space to be hanging things on, but do have some nifty shelf options over their windows.

Then onto designing different collages featuring the holiday or season celebrations.

I was inspired by a similar Halloween sampler I had seen on Pinterest and decided to use that idea but tweak it to make it my own design. From there I wanted to keep kind of a fun and cohesive design for the other holidays I wanted to feature. (Pssst...this was so much fun I have designs for Winter, Spring and Summer coming soon)

I think one of my favorite things about this design idea is that the collages can be stored in a sheet protector when not in use and can be changed in and out of the shadow box accordingly, requiring very little storage space.

Turns out this is not only a fantastic idea for my mom and dad and their tiny living space, this is an equally fantastic idea for gift giving and for anyone who enjoys decorating for the holidays.

I think they would be perfect on an office desk as well because they just take up so little space.

I have some completed ones available for purchase. Or if you are crafty and want to create your me and I will be happy to teach you.

Here are some alternative designs because of course I didn't want them all to look exactly alike.

Halloween: these make me smile every time I look at them because they remind me of our recent trip to Disney World and the Haunted Mansion ride.

Autumn and Thanksgiving: One of my favorite seasons! I love harvest time, the changing leaves, the crisp air...pumpkin pie, hot apple cider, butternut squash soup and being thankful.

Christmas: I LOVE Christmas! I find it the time of year when I think back on old memories and visiting my Grammy and Papa Lon...maple nut fudge, hot cocoa, cutting our own tree, bubble lights, anticipation. But more than that I find it time to reflect on my Savior and the gift He gave to me. And how I can serve others.

I hope you are inspired to enjoy the holiday season creating your own special decorations and gifts. And I would love to help you out with this.

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