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When I am Old I Will Wear...

I think most of us have read the poem...or at least heard of it. "Warning" by Jenny Joseph. The first line...When I am an old woman I will wear purple...

Well, I say why wait until I am old! My Grammy loved bright colors and she wore them often and she wore them when she was young. I loved everything about her. My grandmother was a ranch woman who also traveled with my grandfather who was a civil engineer for the government. She was unexpected, she was spontaneous, she was hard working, she was an amazing cook, had a huge vegetable garden and grew acres of flowers in her large yard. I sit here and write this I am suddenly struck that I was more influenced by my Grammy than I realized. I too have a love of purple, I have a large yard filled with flowers, I love adventure, I am a hard worker and I am pretty spontaneous. This thought makes me smile because if I can be only half the woman my Grammy was I will consider that a monumental success.

This card is how I picture my Grammy and her big personality and zest for life.

The On To Adventure stamp set has become one of my top favorite stamp sets. It is so much fun to use and honestly it takes me down memory lane every time I use it. Not only is this set great for card making but it is also a great set to use for your scrapbooking projects as well.

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