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Where Should I Apply Perfume

"Where should I apply perfume?" a young lady asked. "Where you want to be kissed."

Cocoa Chanel

I read this quote to my husband and he gave me this look and then we both just giggled because, I mean have you ever had perfume near your lips? Yikes, that is NOT a pleasant experience. But I think the sentiment is kind of sweet.

I love old fashioned perfume bottles and so does my daughter-in-love. She collects them in fact. So I spend a fair amount of my time checking out antique stores, estate sales and thrift shops looking to add to her collection.

I think there is a story with each perfume bottle. What was the lady like who owned the bottle, what was her story? Who did she love, where did she live, what was her favorite color, who were her friends, what were her dreams, hobbies, disappointments, triumphs?

One pretty perfume bottle and I have a whole story written in my mind.

When I designed this card I had seen several ideas and then of course ran with it to add my own personal touch.

Place an order with me for the Fanciful Fragrance set and you will receive the tutorial for this card as my gift to you.

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