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Yikes, Learning Something New

Gotta keep up with times right? I mean I guess you don't but wow, that could kill a girl trying to stay up to date in the fast paced ever changing times of social media. Bottom line I want my business to do well and I really love sharing what I do with others.

I have been learning about how to use Twitter and Instagram; yeah, see I am already behind the times. So I am working hard on learning these two mediums. I have decided to completely opt out of using Snap Chat because that turned into a fiasco that I may never recover from. I have deleted that app from my life. Its bad when your son sends you a private text to ask you "what in the world are you doing on Snap Chat". Oh dear, that was a bit embarrassing.

But I think I can learn the other options available. No, scratch that, I KNOW I can learn these options.

Today I learned about a current trend in photography and products and layout and thought it would be fun to share my first attempt at the trend known as flat lay photography.

The card featured in the photo will be featured in my Monday night Facebook Live event at 7:00 pm on My Pastor's Wife Designs page. If you haven't liked it hop on over so that you can join in.

Do Something Creative Everyday

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