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You Can Have Your Cake...

I don't know if you have gotten caught up in the craze of watching certain British baking shows. But here at my house...We.Are.Obsessed.

It's funny because when I see the cakes judged, there will be comments like; too crumbly, too dry, very light, too dense. It is certainly a matter of taste. I myself prefer a heavy dense cake. Carrot Cake, Coconut Cake with Nuts are two of my favorites and I do not like them to be light and fluffy.

This card was really fun to design. First of all I could not wait to get my hands on the new Pigment Sprinkles from Stampin' Up! I was looking forward to playing with them. A little side note; I kind of panicked when I opened the because the colors on the lids do not necessarily look like the colors of sprinkles. However, before I made a fool of myself and called to say that I did not think the colors were correct I decided that I should at least play with them and add water to be able to express my concerns. Like I said thankfully I did this before making a call. Whew! The colors are exactly what they say they are and my oh my are they stunning!!!!

I used the Piece of Cake stamp set from Stampin' Up! and the Cake Builder punch to create this fantastic wedding cake.

This has turned into one of my most favorite stamp sets and punches to play with. The ideas are endless, well, maybe not endless, but pretty darn close. You will want to add the Piece of Cake stamp set and the Cake Builder punch to your collection. Oh yeah, and most certainly the Pigment Sprinkles because all cake needs sprinkles.

You Can Have Your Cake Wedding Card

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