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You Have Arrived At Your Destination...Or Maybe Not

I don’t know if you can relate to this or not but I am willing to bet you all have your own GPS horror story. I know we have several. It amazes me how the worst ones are always in the wee hours of the morning, or really late in the night. That’s kind of the same thing isn’t it????

Three of my favorites come to mind. A few years ago we went back east to visit our kids who were living in Buffalo, New York at the time. After a few days at their home we all loaded up and headed down to Lancaster, Pennsylvania because we wanted to visit some friends, see Amish country and go to the Sight and Sound Theater for a show. I had reserved a room at a cute Amish hotel and off we went. Well, mostly, off we went. We soon realized that the roads are very winding and it is easy to get off on the wrong highway without even realizing it. So… we found our route on the map on my husband’s iPad. Somehow the map took us way off course. We didn’t realize it until we got to a rest area at about the same time we should have been arriving at our hotel only to realize we were about two hours out of our way. Ugh, it is late, we are tired, hot, hungry and still have a ways to go. So…I look up the address and put it into my GPS on my phone. Off we go again and after a snack everyone is in good spirits but still a bit tired and kind of goofy. We follow all of the directions my GPS tells us and she says “you have arrived at your destination”. Um, not so much. I am pretty sure I was not staying at a dentist office. However, I remember seeing some lights the opposite direction of the left turn we obediently took and thankfully it WAS our destination.

Incident number two (yes, they are now incidents) my husband and I visited St. George, Utah on a little trip. We asked my GPS in my car to find us an ice cream place. It very kindly told me “I’m sorry, there are no Korean restaurants nearby”. Oh really, well, that’s okay because I didn’t ask for that. We decided it was because it is a KIA and it was missing home.

Incident number three; my hubby and I were once again road tripping and headed to Gold Beach, Oregon. We set the address to our hotel on my GPS in my car, different car by the way, still a KIA though 😊. Off we went, all was going very well until about a mile from our destination. The GPS directs us off the road we were on and should have stayed on and about drove us into a huge pile of driftwood and into the ocean. YIKES! Fortunately, I was able to whip a U-turn and save us from a very soggy destination. We did find our hotel, no thanks at all to my trusty GPS. I admit I am a little bit concerned as we are planning a trip to the Oregon Coast next month but it is a new campground so...I guess we will put our fate in our "trusty" GPS once again.

So, these days when I hear, “you have arrived at your destination”, I am a bit skeptical. I have good reason to be.

When I designed this card I was thinking about how often this has happened to us and how I generally don’t look all that put together by the time I arrive. I don’t seem to be “In Style” at all. I am usually frustrated, tired, hungry and well…OVER IT!

Oh, to look like this gal, all polished and I like to believe calm.


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