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You're Off To Great Places

The world has its limits, the world of imagination is boundless. -Jean Jaques Rousseau

We all have our time machines, those that take us back are memories...and those that carry us forward are dreams. -H.G. Wells

Steampunk life, its kinda like normal life but there are airships.

I am a Steampunk fan. I am intrigued by the mix of machine and Victorian. I see things in machines. My husband has a air compressor in the garage and every single time

I look at it I see the face of a cat with a monocle. I love the movies Around the World in 80 Days and Hugo.

We visited the aquarium in Newport, Oregon on a recent visit and I was so excited because they had an amazing Steampunk exhibit with a great story line to go with it.

I was in my element and I had a fantastic time looking at every detail.

While most Steampunk cards I design are decidedly darker with more browns and less color I wanted to play with the idea but brighten it up a little.

I am really pleased with this fun take on this Steampunk inspired card.

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