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Make Your Tragedies a Work of Art

I made this travel journal for a young friend of mine who will be traveling to Europe in April. I personally love having a small travel journal with me so that I can jot down things I want to remember each day. Things like what I wore, what I ate and my favorite memory of the day. I know it sounds kind of odd jotting down what I was wearing, but let me tell you this has come in handy several times when I have been going through photos. You know, trying to figure out exactly where I was. When I have it written down it makes it so easy for me to be able to journal in my travel scrapbook I am creating. Her response when she received it made my heart so happy. I had been telling her that the only craft I could do after my car wreck (you know when the semi ran over us) was stamping. With fine motor skills compromised and a significant brain injury I was unable to do all of the crafting I had done. Clay modeling, jewelry making, crocheting that sort of thing. But stamping became my therapy.

She told her mom that she remembered that conversation and when she received this journal she said, "I almost don't want to use it because it is too pretty. It reminds me of some lyrics to a song I like. Make your tragedies a work of art and since this is that craft that she can still do...this is her work of art".

Wow, that got me right in the feelers.

This is a fun little journal to make and couldn't be easier.

Starting with the Pressed Petals journal (which is absolutely adorable) I was able to design from there. I also used the Pool Party and Crumb Cake Classic Ink Pads to sponge onto the front and back cover to create more texture and really make the embossed flowers stand out.

I hope you will purchase this cute little journal and try your hand at creating a keepsake for someone you love.

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