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A Work in Progress

This journal was a gift of love for one of my dearest friends. By now if you have been following along on my blog here, you know that my friends are going to Europe.

I told them they have to get me something good.

Misty is one of my closest friends. She is part of my stone cold crew. I was the matron of honor at her wedding and we have also worked together for years.

When I created her journal I thought it might be fun to take photos of some o the process. I did not take as many photos as I meant to because I got so caught up in the creating that I would forget to snap a picture. But you can get the general idea of the process here. This was fun because these are some of her favorite colors.

I have to say she was very pleased when I presented it to her and she promised me she will take it on her journey and use it.

And above you see the finished product! So pretty.

Below are products I used to create this pretty journal.

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