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Confusion is where you might find yourself when trying to decide what to order for either a starter kit or as a new stamper.

Choices, so many choices



noun: confusion; plural noun: confusions

the state of being bewildered or unclear in one's mind about something.

"she looked about her in confusion" bewilderment, bafflement, perplexity, puzzlement, mystification, stupefaction, disorientation, befuddlement, muddle

I decided that I wanted to make it simpler for you and did my research because that is what a good demonstrator does. Stampin’ Up! has made it so simple for you. We have this awesome option; YOU CAN MAKE IT.

I love this option because everything you need for the project can be bundled together using one item number and viola you are set to create.

The only thing you add is your own adhesive, which of course we sell that too. I have listed the options below found in the Stampin’ Up! annual catalog.


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