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Gears and Ink Pens

Gears are a weakness of mine. Antiques are a weakness of mine. Vintage is a weakness of mine. Mixing it all together is a passion of mine. Can’t help it and don’t want to anyway. I am fascinated by how they work together to make something move. And I love to write. When I was in high school I took several years of creative writing and while I will never be an accomplished author I can generally hold my own getting some good ideas down on paper and at least telling a short entertaining story, generally.

The pens image in the Crafting Forever stamp set is one of my favorite images ever because it tickles my fancy for writing, antiques and being able to mix it up with my Steampunk Obsession. When I designed this particular card I had one of my all time favorite authors in mind. She writes in the genre of fantasy and dystopian!!! So…there’s that.

I have a video for you to watch so that you too can create this card. Leave me a comment about your thoughts on this card and hey while you are at it, tell me your favorite reading genre.

Gears, Ink Pens and Creativity

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