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Ready for that Hole-in-One...

Golf...the classy way to avoid responsibilities. Hmmm, I guess that is one way to look at it. I read that quote and just giggled. I know that my husband at one time, years ago was a self-proclaimed golf addict. And it was an expensive hobby and a lot of things definitely ended up on the back burner. I oftentimes would golf with him until a thumb injury stopped my golf career (well not really a career, I wasn't that good).

We do have some fun memories and our marriage even survived this adventure. Let me just say that I didn't take my husband's coaching well. I think one time I actually threatened to harm him with one of my clubs. Yikes...

When I was designing this card I certainly took an entertaining walk down memory lane.

Place and order for the On To Adventure set with me and you will receive the tutorial to make this card from me as my gift to you.

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