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Spring is in the...bottom of a three foot pile of snow!!!

I was looking through a seed catalog the other day, dreaming of Blue Fescue Grasses, Hollyhocks, Sweet Williams and all things that blossom.

I will be the first to tell you that I absolutely love winter. Yes, it is true. I love it. I love snowstorms and blizzards and snowshoeing.

But this winter has seemed like a longer one than usual and we are currently experiences our annual deep freeze about a month later than normal.

I have at least two feet of snow all over my yard with four feet in some places. So the changes of seeing blossoms anytime soon is slim.

This card was just what my winter weary heart needed.

I used the embossing folder from the Power of Hope bundle to get that amazing stone texture. And to be honest, I was showing someone how to color the flowers, decided to keep the little blossoms and then played with the big image and... well, there you have it a very quick and easy card with a whole lot of bang for you buck.

I love the Forever Blossoms Bundle and I think it mixes very well with a lot of other sets.

As you can see in the photos below...I have a bit of wait before I even see my rosebushes that are buried under all of that snow by my front porch. Not to mention actual blossoms. So for now I look through seed catalogs and create cards.

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