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When it comes to dads…

When it comes to dads I hit the bullseye. I admit it, I am a daddy’s girl and I am perfectly fine with it. I own it proudly.

When I was growing up my dad never acted like we were an inconvenience. My Mom, brother and myself were his world and still are.

I love going through the old photo albums because there are so may pictures of family outings, vacations, holidays and activities with my dad. My most favorite picture is the one of my dad sitting on the kitchen floor with me and my brother tucked in by the fridge reading to us.

Whether it has been minutes, hours, days or months…my dad always has a ready hug and an “I love you so much.”

My dad is truly a good man. A man with integrity, ethics and an amazing capacity for love and forgiveness.

When I designed this card I really thought a lot about my dad and so many well-loved memories.

I hope you will try this card out. It is a great card idea for Father’s Day, Birthday or even an encouragement card.

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